What Was The Year?

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What was the year when Lyons Coffee first hit the shelves? It's true that when it comes to coffee used in vending machines, Lyons Instant is the new kid on the block. Having said that, is there anybody out there who hasn’t heard of Lyons’ Coffee? Hasn’t it been around forever? Well, it hasn’t quite been around forever; but with the help of the ten clues below - and without resorting to Google - can you work out What Was The Year when Lyons’ Coffee first appeared? Good luck! What Was The Year? Number plates are introduced as cars are licensed for the first time The Daily Mirror re-launches as a pictorial newspaper using photos [...]

‘Nippies’: How Lyons Turned Inexperienced Young Ladies Into ‘Excellent Housewives’!

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Nippies: Any marketing person worth their salt will take any opportunity to regale potential customers with the ‘brand equity’ associated with the products in their portfolio. A pleasant personality was judged more important than good looks It’d be convenient to dismiss the phrase as ‘marketing gobbledegook’ but, jargon aside, ‘brand equity’ is simply the term professionals use to describe the value premium that a company generates from a product that has a recognizable name, when compared to a generic equivalent. A huge part of the brand equity of the Lyons’ name is to be found in its heritage and from time to time, we’ll be sharing articles with you that delve into Lyons’ [...]

We Think When Vending Operators Try Our Coffee, There’ll Be No Going Back…

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Lyon’s Instant Coffee is ‘the new kid on the block’. It has credibility in abundance and if there’s one word that sums up what vending operators look for when they’re considering taking on a new brand, it’s ‘credibility’. The team behind the brand, Jim Cain, Andy Grelak and Geoff Wakelin, can call upon 100 years of coffee experience between them. ‘Jim and I used to work for Lyons Tetley in the old days’, Geoff Wakelin said. ‘I actually launched Lyons Instant, much to the chagrin of others in the company that only believed in roast and ground. So we knew the values associated with the brand inside out.’ Lyons is one of Britain’s best-known brand [...]

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