Our Pride In Lyons

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‘Lyons Instant Coffee Has A Unique Opportunity To Thrive And Prosper In UK Vending’, says What Price Solutions’ MD, Richard Allen.   At What Price Solutions, we have a very uncomplicated business model: we take brands and set out to establish them in the vending market. It’s that simple. You might say we’re the ultimate niche operation: we’re the only sales agency in the UK that’s focused exclusively on the vending & OCS market and we must be doing something right, because we’ve enjoyed annual growth for the past 15 years. Our track record speaks for itself and that’s why there’s hardly a week goes by when we aren’t contacted by a brand that has [...]

We Think When Vending Operators Try Our Coffee, There’ll Be No Going Back…

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Lyon’s Instant Coffee is ‘the new kid on the block’. It has credibility in abundance and if there’s one word that sums up what vending operators look for when they’re considering taking on a new brand, it’s ‘credibility’. The team behind the brand, Jim Cain, Andy Grelak and Geoff Wakelin, can call upon 100 years of coffee experience between them. ‘Jim and I used to work for Lyons Tetley in the old days’, Geoff Wakelin said. ‘I actually launched Lyons Instant, much to the chagrin of others in the company that only believed in roast and ground. So we knew the values associated with the brand inside out.’ Lyons is one of Britain’s best-known brand [...]

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