What was the year when Lyons Coffee first hit the shelves?

It’s true that when it comes to coffee used in vending machines, Lyons Instant is the new kid on the block. Having said that, is there anybody out there who hasn’t heard of Lyons’ Coffee? Hasn’t it been around forever?

Well, it hasn’t quite been around forever; but with the help of the ten clues below – and without resorting to Google – can you work out What Was The Year when Lyons’ Coffee first appeared?

Good luck!

What Was The Year?

  1. Number plates are introduced as cars are licensed for the first time
  2. The Daily Mirror re-launches as a pictorial newspaper using photos
  3. Rolls meets Royce at a Manchester hotel to discuss a business venture
  4. The London Symphony Orchestra gives its inaugural concert
  5. ‘The Dogger Bank Incident’ almost leads GB to war against Russia
  6. The stage play Peter Pan – The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up – premières
  7. Loftus Road stadium, home of QPR, opens
  8. Joseph Conrad publishes his novel Nostromo
  9. Heavyweight boxing legend Tom Allen dies, aged 64
  10. John – later Sir John – Gielgud is born

So, What Was The Year? Scroll down to find out.

Win or lose, reward yourself with a refreshing cup of Lyons’ Instant coffee.

Consumers’ familiarity with the brand – and their loyalty to it – has played a part in the rapid growth in sales of Lyons Instant Coffee. From a standing start in 2013, sales now top £3m per annum. The bulk of those sales comes from the retail sector, but the company has identified vending as a major opportunity for expansion. Order yours now from Automatic Retailing Northern Ltd.

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The Answer? 1904.