Lyons was founded in 1887, at the height of
Victorian Britain and the Great British empire.

It was a brand which became synonymous with quality, service and style. Founded by four intrepid entrepreneurs, the business was named after Sir Joseph Lyons.

Its corner house tea shops
popped up all over London.

They became large and lavish restaurants, spread over four or more floors, with opulent décor, wonderful period chamber orchestras and where attention to every detail and ultimate customer service were king.

A Classic British Brand.
Now it’s back, with good honest value and great quality.

Our Grandparents and Great Grandparents loved the Lyons brand of silver service and this together with excellent crumpets had people queuing in an orderly fashion in their thousands well into the 20th century.

Lyons brought a unique blend of showmanship, style and spectacle to its aim of combining high quality with value for money.

The Lyons brand was first associated
with coffee in 1904…

The business never stood still, innovation was the lifeblood of the company and in 1921 Lyons led the market with a brand new coffee and chicory essence. This was followed in 1928, when the UK’s first purpose built food technology laboratory was opened.

During the post war years
Lyons grew in stature.

The business provided the service at Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, as well as catering events at Windsor Castle, the Chelsea Flower Show and the Wimbledon Lawn tennis Championships … With this profile the international stature of Lyons blossomed and it gradually took interests in overseas markets and operations.

Take a look at the Lyons Instant Coffee Range

Gold Roast

Luxury Freeze Dried Coffee

Superior original coffees from Central America and East Asia expertly blended to craft a sublime coffee confection


 Satisfyingly Smooth Instant Coffee

Exceptional original coffees deliver a super smooth and deeply satisfying coffee moment

Rich Roast

Perfectly Indulgent Instant Coffee Granules

Fine original coffees carefully roasted to produce superb instant coffee granules

Gold Roast Tasting Notes
Taste – Fruity
Aroma – Caramel
Finish – Full Bodied, Smooth

Mellow Roast Tasting Notes
Taste – Soft and Delicate
Aroma – Soothing and sweet
Finish – Peanut Brittle caramel and caramel cinder confection!

Rich Roast Tasting Notes
Taste – Creamy
Aroma – Nutty
Finish – Chocolate rich

Guaranteed 60 cups per 100g
Available in 100g jar
and 150g Refill Pack

Guaranteed 60 cups per 100g
Available in 100g Jar

60 cups per 100g jar
Available in 100g / 200g /
300g and 70 g Refill

Lyons Continental

 A Wonderfully rich and aromatic coffee experience

Coffee Alchemy – A revelatory blend of the finest South American and East Asian coffee beans – expertly crafted to a new level of perfection by our master blender.

Continental Tasting Notes
Taste – Full and tempting
Aroma – Rare spices and a sparkle of fun
Finish – Rich Molasses and dark chocolate

Guaranteed 60 cups per 100g

also available in a 750g Freeze Dried and Rich Roast Granules

Super Lyons available in a bigger tin for those coffee addicts out there!

Instant Coffee in the United Kingdom is a big and growing business

These days you are hard pushed to find the feel good factor.

…a Great British brand that was trusted by our parents and grandparents. Now it’s back… with good honest value, great quality and, more importantly, a sense of fun and humour, which typifies the Great British stiff upper lip!


Wonderful Lyons is back…trusted for generations
You can experience the treat from all good high street stores including quality retailers, grocery emporiums and travelling circuses.

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